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Show Rules and Guidelines for Koi Shows - an update


From the UK Koi Policy Unit, 17th January 2011

The UK Koi Policy Unit (UKKPU) can confirm that their new Rules and Guidelines for two day Koi Shows have been well received by various government departments and agencies.  In addition, many organisations with an interest in animal welfare issues have acknowledged the first set of professionally supported Rules to encompass every aspect of a show in a single document as a major step forward.  Shows are seen by many as important for the future of the Koi Industry and the hobby.  These new Rules set out a standard approach for holding a show to any Show Committee whilst giving Koi welfare the highest possible priority. The document fulfils the criteria set out by Defra in legislation allied to the Animal Welfare Act.  Therefore any additions or amendments made to these Rules at any time in the future for any reason can only be agreed in consultation between UKKPU and the relevant authorities. Members of the Policy Unit are unable to reply personally to emails and all questions arising from the Rules and their application should go direct to the UK Koi Policy Unit.

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